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An assertive and confident delivery with an ease of authority

An engaging storyteller that will guide listeners through your industrial presentation, training video or podcast.

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Nichole Marie Voiceovers helps businesses build relationships and reach their target audiences using Corporate and Internet, eLearning, Whiteboard, Promo Video, Commercial and Audiobook Narration in a relatable tone that creates authentic connections.

About Me

Growing up I enjoyed two things above all else. Sports and cartoons. Sports, particularly basketball provided a relatively shy kid a platform for expression.  Cartoons were a vehicle for storytelling without boundaries.

After attending American University in DC on a basketball scholarship (college years really are some of the best years of life) I spent most of my time after-college living that cubicle life but my creativity would not be denied and a longing for a boundless platform for expression led me to voiceovers.

The versatility I learned from my two loves has lent itself well to my career as a voice talent, delivering warm, caring, sincere and authoritative reads as well as sarcastic, laid back and funny ones. Some projects include industrials for FDIC, the U.S. Coast Guard and Lockheed Martin as well as commercials for Shore Healthcare Systems and Thompson Creek Windows.  I was even able to parlay my skills on the basketball court into a role in the feature film "The Mighty Macs".

I've trained with amazing coaches like Melissa Leebeart, Brenna McDonough and the legendary Chuck McKibben and study diligently at the school of “Life” where I hone my skills of character interpretation and development and am majoring in my favorite subject…people watching.

When I’m not "in class" or in the studio, you can catch me hanging out with family and friends or tackling the next DIY project around the house. I can't ball on the court like a used to (although I am a force to be reckoned with when shooting paper balls into the trash) but that freedom I loved so much in my youth is now expressed using words and a microphone.

Reach out for a free voiceover audition... I would love to work together on your next project!
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A Few Clients

A Few Clients

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