A straight-forward, instructional tone



An assertive and confident delivery with an ease of authority

So,whether you need...

Does your audience drift off to sleep after the fist sentence of your training video?

Does the voiceover on your video match the style and brand of your business?

Does your DIY narration sound, well, DIY???

Nichole Marie turns stats and facts into compelling stories that help businesses build relationships and reach their target audiences. From Corporate and Internet, eLearning, Whiteboard to Promos, Commercial and Audiobook Narration her relatable tone creates authentic connections and high engagement.

A casual read with a friendly touch of familiarity that instills trust

An engaging storyteller that will guide listeners through your industrial presentation, training video or podcast.

Let Nichole Marie be the...

 Voice of Your Vision.....    




Apache Spark VO.mp3
A Novel Corona Virus Demo
Pop Health VO.mp3
AZ School Training VO.mp3


Nichole Marie Skillpath IVR


Law Firm Narration.mp3
Domtar Paper.mp3
Orthopedic Surgery Office Narration.mp3


Nichole Marie Ya Reap Excerpt.mp3
Nichole Marie Partially Broken Excerpt.m



Check out these Female Voice Over Demos and short video clips from professional female voice over talent, Nichole Marie and you'll hear the warm authority and authenticity she brings as a voice over talent and voice actress providing VO services for commercials, infomercials, narration, promos, characterizations, web videos, telephony, phone marketing messaging and more.


Reach out for a free voiceover audition... I would love to work together on your next project!
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